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Two Scrapbook Friends 'Oh My Word' Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Oh My Word! Blog Hop with Two Scrapbook Friends! You should have arrived here from Laureen’s blog. If you didn’t, you might want to start at Two Scrapbook Friends, so you can read all about it and you won’t miss any of the great inspiration along the way!

So..........choose one word for 2013 we were told......boy that was a toughie!

When the Blog Hop theme was announced, the first word that popped into my head was 'Breathe' and then I immediately dismissed it!  I needed something inspirational, something witty, something no-one else would think of.

I thought about it some more over the next few days, tried out a few other options and came to this conclusion........the word Breathe is my inspiration, my witty, and it may not be something truly original (later finding that it was to be included in our Blog Hop badge confirmed that one!) it speaks to me, and that's the whole point here.

Now of course when I say 'Breathe' I'm not just referring to the physical act of inhale/exhale type of thing, although I do plan on continuing that tradition!  I'm thinking more of the 'take a moment and use it wisely' theory.

All too often we are caught up in the busy everyday routines we all try to juggle, and although this is by no means a bad thing.......I really do feel blessed to have these choices and opportunities, I also worry that one day I will wake and wonder where the years have disappeared.

My children will be grown and I will wish I had taken that moment to give an extra hug, a word of encouragement, or just drawn on a little more patience to listen to thoughts of last nights movie, regardless of whether we will be 2 minutes late for dance class!

So there you have it, my word for 2013..........Breathe.

On that note I should probably show you something creative before you abandon ship and head over to Shelby's blog!

Here's my page..........Breathe.

There are quite a lot of my faves on here so I'm probably going to bore you with a few extra photo's.

The papers are from the Walnut Grove collection by Pebbles and I love them.....who doesn't like a wood grain background!  I did get a little carried away with the paint splatters, but I was having so much fun.

There's plenty of machine stitching here and there, and fussy cut butterflies from one of the sheets of patterned paper, are stapled to the page.

Wooden veneers from Studio Calico (this time in word form) make an appearance again, as they have on most of my layouts recently.  The journalling is tucked nicely into the Kraft envelope and stashed behind the 'popped' photographs.

It's not that I wanted to hide the journalling away, but I didn't particularly want it to interfere with the design either.

A doily, another fave, and a cute little banner held together with Washi tape and staples, rest in the corner.

More Washi, cause you can never have enough, continues the theme nicely.

There's an eclectic little collection of embellies, my favourite of which is no doubt the cheapest option.......the messy arrangement of loose thread pulled from a spool.

There you have it.  Thanks so much for sticking with me to the very end!

Be sure to head over to Shelby's blog, who I know will have something inspiring to show you, but remember these few rules as you go..............

In order to be entered to win:
1. Leave a comment on all the blogs as you go and then go back to the Two Scrapbook Friends blog and leave a final comment there.
2. To have a second chance to win, send YOUR special word that inspires you in 2013 in an email to Put "Blog Contest" in your subject line.
3. Create your own design based on your special word and upload it to our Gallery and Forum before February 28 at 11:58 pm, and receive 10 Forum Buttons towards gift certificates in the store!
 4. Check back at the Two Scrapbook Friends Blog on January 22nd to see if you are the prize winner. (Winners will not be contacted personally.)

Be sure to stop by each of the following blogs and leave a comment! Enjoy the Hop :)

Two Scrapbook Friends 

Have a great weekend, I plan to as it includes a Birthday celebration for yours truly.........any excuse for dining out!
Take care,



I am such a butterfly fan so I love, love, love the layout!


Breathe is a good word and you explained it very well! Yeah we need to pause and enjoy the moment more! Love your creative work on your layout! Many interesting things to look at! Love your daily washi tape!


Glad to hear you're going continue that physical act of breathing tradition. ;-)

Fantastic page, Jayne! All the details are wonderful, I'm especially partial to that thread. Who'da thunk that would look so cool! I love the colours too and the photos are perfect.

Ann Jobes

Your work is so lovely. I love that tangle of thread and the physical yet light space it occupies on your layout. Is that your own handwriting on the tag? If it is, I'm envious!


Wow, Jayne, what an AMAZING page!! Love all the elements - so interesting to look at.


Hi Jayne. This is Mary...Joanne Burton's sister. I believe we have met before. :o) Joanne has shared with me about the blog hop so I thought I'd work my way through each one. I love your choice of OMW. I often have to remind myself to breathe...I literally do! Life does fly by...I measure that in my children as they grow. Blink and they're already driving, then graduating high school. I try to remind myself to take that extra minute to really give them my attention. Life is short and I will want to say when I am (much) older that I have no regrets. Very inspirational layout!

Kelly Codd Greatrex

beautiful layout Jayne and a great word choice - we can all use a reminder now and then to slow down and take a breath!


Im loving the wood paper and the black with the colourful flowers that pop. Will definitely have to check out that line.


Oh Jayne! Your layout is just too much fun! It really seems to reflect your creative personality. All your little details are so interesting and your photos are the best!!
Joanne xo


We have the same word. After being a working full time single mom of three for much of last year, I decided I needed I just needed to breathe!


So many beautiful embellishments. I love the complexity of your layout.

Antoinette Dias

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wood paper! And I love your choice of word! Your blog speaks to every mom. :-)


It's great how there is so much going on, as if your layout is surrounding you, and your word grabs your focus. Your photos are just perfect too, I am pretty sure I have made those same faces on many occasions!

Lynn Le5

Great word Jayne! We all need a little time to breathe once in a while!!! Love the colors and all those pretty embellishments you chose. And I really like all those photos. Beautiful!


Breathe is a great word Jayne. I like how it came to you, you dismissed it, but then came back to it and decided to use it and how it relates to you and where you are at. Love your layout. Love the wood grain paper and the natural elements that you used.

Emily Berg

Beautifully written. I commend you taking the time and moments to really Breathe.


I love Pennants! Great page.

Lori S.

Stunning layout, Jayne! Beautiful colours. I love all the different embellishments! Great word choice!


Such a great word choice! We all can be reminded to take a moment now and then and just "breathe"! An incredible layout Jayne! Gorgeous work!

Marianne Barkman

i love your LO. Butterflies are sort of my signiture, so i am attracted to anything with them. Thanks for sharing, and being a part of this hop. i am a new follower


great layout, so many interesting embellishments this!

Sue Eby

Such a great layout! Love the details. Yup, I am a grandma now...who'd of thought I'd be one now, time definitely does disappear in a blink...

jana white



Breathe....a wonderful word for us all since time goes too fast! Love all of the texture & detail. I really like the hidden journaling, neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

JoAnn Heinbuch

Great LO and the fussy butterfly stapled to the page...going to 'lift ' that one...

Dr. J

Great word Jayne! And fab layout too. And you have lovely hand writing btw!


Wonderful wood grain paper with paint splashes...makes me think of my childhood for some reason...Breathe...great word choice too!

Carol I., love, love your layout, and that thread idea is awesome. Will have to try that!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope you enjoyed dinner out.

Andrea V

Fabulous word and layout - and a lovely reminder to stop and "breathe".

Andrea :)

Amanda Wolff

Awesome word! I as well need to stop and enjoy the moments in life! I love your layout as well!

Carolyn Wolff

I too am glad you are going to continue to! Seriously though, I love your word and what it stands for. Your photos are awesome and made me chuckle.

Joanne Johnstone

Jayne you did a beautiful job!! I LOVE ALL YOUR EMBELLIES!!! - the doilies, the handstitching, the butterflies.. the list could go on & on - great job!


Your word reminds me of "stop and smell the roses". We all need to do more of that in our fast-paced world we live in!! Great layout. Love all the details and the woodgrain paper is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Breathing!


What a stunning design Jayne. Your central design and all those wispy. trailing elements bring to mind and airy feel. It is breathtaking.


Wow Jayne!

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