Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 For 5

How's it going so far this week?

I don't know about you, but I'm just not into this -27 degree temperature thing.......just a tad too cold in my book!  It's almost enough to put me of my Timmies Iced Caps for a while......almost.

Anyhow I did mention a couple of days ago that it is 'un'officially 'card week' here on my blog, so guess what I have for you today? 

Nope, not a card, but a whole bunch of them.  There's a reason I have more than one of course, so bear with me and I'll share the deets.

Over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum, members of the DT quite often run a challenge called '5 For 5'.  This is where the first 5 gals to sign up after said challenge is announced, are sent 5 items via snail mail, with which they can do whatever they please (within reason!)

On a predetermined date, each person will post a photo of their astounding creation and this is where we 'ooooh' and 'aaaaah' over each of them (really we do as they're always pretty cool!) and marvel at how the same 5 items can be manipulated into 5 totally unique creations.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short and get to my actual point here, the Two Friends decided to turn the tables on their Design Team and issue a '5 For 5' challenge to them..........wooo hooo, love it, bring it on!

So here are the 5 groups of embellies we were sent, together with a sheet of PP all from the Walnut Grove collection by Pebbles Inc.

The rules are that we can add whatever we like from our own stash as long as we use some, or all of each of the embellies.

So, I got to lookin' and a thinkin' and I looked and thought some more, and as much as I wanted to use all the stash, I wasn't quite sure how I was gonna accommodate a 'Hello', 'Hello Friend', 'Thanks' and 'Hello' all nicely on one finished product!

Soooooo, I did what any normal person would do in this situation........I cheated! (sort of)

I cut the heck out of some pieces, and also just happened to have sitting in my own stash, my very own package of the same extremely cool sentiment 'tags'.  This meant I could stretch things into a nice little gift set.

Most of the challenge product went into embellishing the outside of the box like so.


This collection works beautifully with Kraft card stock as it has a nice rustic/country feel to it, and I was super impressed to find the reverse of the red patterned paper has a gorgeous 'script' print on there.  This is what I used to cover the chipboard bracket........very versatile.

The inside of the box contains a set of 6 handmade cards predominantly using more of the paper, and various Spellbinder dies.  I did use scraps of paper from my own stash to add a little variation, plus you can only stretch one sheet of PP so far and six cards is pushing it just a little!

Here's the set.......

Not bad!

You can get your hands on this line of product from Pebbles, over at the TSF storeYou might also want to check out the goods from my fellow teamies, over on the TSF Blog (or the links to their blogs are over there in the left sidebar) as each one is pretty cool and inspiring in it's own way.  If you're local, all will be on display in the store too.

Well that's about it from me.

I'm hoping to finish another cool little card ready for tomorrow's post, so fingers crossed I'll see you then.

Have a good one and keep warm out there, 



Cool idea! And a lovely set, as well.


What a lovely idea! Love the effect of the colors on kraft paper. This is a great set, would be a perfect gift for someone who does not make cards but always admire the homemade one! Great job


Stunning Jayne!

Carolyn Wolff

You did a spectacular job with the challenge. Thanks so much for playing along.


You have done an amazing job with this challenge! Totally inspiring!
Joanne xo

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