Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spread Your Wings And Fly.

Good morning.

I'm definitely looking forward to some 20 degree temperatures today if the weather forecasters get it right.......bout time too I'd say!

It's time for another Two Scrapbook Friends DT Kit reveal on here today, this time using one of the recent Amy Tangerine collections 'Yes Please'.

I created two layouts for this line and the first came together pretty easy, straight forward, nothing out of the ordinary.  The second.......not so much so I'll reveal that another time when I can face it (still not a huge fan you see!)

Anyhow, today's works for me so here we go:

Spread Your Wings And Fly.

I have to fess up regarding the photo......my girls were playing on a wooden boat shaped play structure, and decided to strike the pose like the character from Titanic.

However using the title 'Posing On The Edge Of The Boat Like The Girl From Titanic' just didn't seem to cut it, so after a little photo editing IE cropping out most of the boat and adding a little white veneer to the edges, the title 'Spread Your Wings And Fly' seemed much more appropriate!

I was fortunate enough to be given a second sheet of the background paper so I cut out the clouds to use as extras on this page.  The kite was made by cutting triangles from various patterned papers, and the tail is 3 strands of bakers twine, braided together.

I used another strip of paper a little more like ribbon, to give the impression of movement, and this kinda relates to my LO and challenge issued here, to use your paper as more of a focal embellishment.

Finally, I used a couple of pins from Jillibean Soup and a sticker to anchor things down.

One last thing I almost forgot......I did get to try out one of my new stitching templates (also from Amy Tangerine) which conveniently had a feather image in there.....ties in with the theme nicely.

And that's all for this one.

I'll be back tomorrow for some Little Red Wagon goodness as it's my turn to play host......guess I'd better make something first!

See you then,

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Glorious Game.

Good morning, I hope it's a happy Friday so far.

I thought I'd hop on here today and post my second creation from one of my recent Two Scrapbook Friends DT Kits, using Down By The Shore from Fancy Pants Designs.

As mentioned in this post, this collection has quite a strong nautical theme and yours truly has no remotely water related photographs.  I tried my best to utilize them in a non-nautical way and today's layout is no exception.

No romance today though (unless you include 'the love for the game in that one!), nope today's page is sports related...........my daughters first visit some years ago to a professional soccer match.

The Glorious Game.

I still love the colour scheme in this collection, navy and red.....one of my faves.

For the background I used one of the awesome corrugated sheets Fancy Pants produce.  They add great dimension when cut for embellies, but I decided to stick with the whole sheet for this page.

I was given a couple of co-ordinating 'frames' in my kit which are part of this line, so I slotted a couple in there here.........

and here together with a mini collection of chipboard (and regular) buttons.

I doodled part of my title onto a couple of wooden veneers.......

...........and I wanted to use the Polaroid style frame for something other than an overlay on a photo, so I used it to highlight the computer generated journalling.

I'm looking at this layout now and thinking it's a good job that guy in the photo was wearing his TFC shirt, otherwise my daughters pink cap does nothing for this colour scheme!

That's about all for this one, so I guess I'll be seeing you next week.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little Red Wagon #182 Crimp My Style!

Hi there.

Sorry for my late posting today, but yesterday turned out to be a little chaotic.  I ended up having to work an unplanned double shift and the day included quite the goose egg on my daughters forehead ,after a disagreement with the tarmac at school!

Oh dear.

Needless to say any plans for cardmaking went right out the window.  I finally managed to get myself in gear this morning and produce a card as it's Wednesday, which means it's that time again..........

.....time to dig into your wagon for challenge #182  'Crimp My Style' issued by Rosanne.

I did follow the rules and used something crimped on my creation, I just didn't exactly crimp it myself.........that would mean a little extra work on my part, and it just wasn't going to happen this morning. I dug into my stash and came out with a corrugated sheet from Fancy Pants that I've been itching to use for a while anyhow!

Here goes.

Lots of fussy cutting on here and I do love these papers - Park Bench from Fancy Pants, great colour scheme.

That's about all folks, short and sweet.

Hopefully you'll get a chance to join in with this weeks challenge and don't forget to check out the creations from the rest of the girlfriends.

Have a great day and I'll see you later in the week,

Monday, April 22, 2013


It's Monday, the sun is shining and I'm in a good mood!

Could be something to do with the fact that I had an awesome weekend, scrapping the days (and nights!) away with a fabulous bunch of ladies, lots of great food and general all round fun.  Technically I should be pretty miserable today considering it'll be a fair few months before the next scrapping getaway, but I'm not gonna go there!

Today,  I'm killing two birds with one stone........a Crafty Challenge over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum and the first reveal for one of the paper collections I recently got to play with for Scrapfest samples........Down By The Shore from Fancy Pants Designs.

I had a slight dilemma when I was given this collection to work with.

Although I LOVE the colour scheme......can't go wrong with navy blue and red (think Tommy Hilfiger), there's no getting away from the fact that the theme is pretty nautical........extremely nautical actually and did I have one single photograph that encompasses anything remotely of that kind?...........Nope of course not!

Plan B!

Scrapbookers are a pretty resourceful bunch when they need to be, so this is a classic case of using a fairly 'themed' collection, for something entirely different to which it was originally intended.

Oh this is all sounding so very technical so let's get on with it shall we?

Here's my completely 'NON-nautical but oh so lovey dovey' themed page.

Now it's safe to say you would not find my hubby battling the high seas, not in this lifetime anyhow, but the theme of this page was triggered by the caption on one of the tags included in my kit - "Sail away with me".  A little online research delivered a nice little quote to match, and a romantic page was born.

The cute buttons are included in an embellishment pack for this collection, and the flags are made using scraps of paper and toothpicks........mint flavoured no less!

Fancy Pants produce a whole variety of awesome stencil sets and I was given one with wavy lines.  Rather than using the stencil frame for this page, I popped out the inserts, added a little texture paste, inked then stuck them to the page.

The focal embellishment for this layout is a collection of torn, rolled paper strips which brings me, finally, to the second reason for today's post.

As it's my turn to deliver this weeks Crafty Challenge over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum, I'd like you to rediscover your paper stash.

We all hoard paper I'm sure, but one of the reasons I love it so much is because it's one of the most versatile and economical embellishments out there.  There are 101 things you can do with paper.......tear it, distress it, roll it, ink it, use it like ribbon, stitch it, weave it, crimp it, scrunch it, pleat it, fold it, emboss it, die cut, punch it, curl it......to name but a few!

For this weeks challenge I'd like you to use paper as a focal embellishment on your creation, instead of allowing it to play bridesmaid to the rest of the elements.

My effort includes a little tearing, rolling, tied with jute and placed on a backdrop of cheesecloth.  The perfect little chipboard anchor was also included in the 'button' embellie pack.

And that's it from me.

I hope you enjoy your day, and are lucky enough to have some of the beautiful sunshine we're experiencing here.

I'll see you on Wednesday when I'll be digging into my Little Red Wagon of stash.

Have a good one,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little Red Wagon #181 - Use a Cameo

Welcome to the middle of our working week, which means it's that time again to dig into your wagon.

Regan issued our challenge this week, and she'd like us to use a cameo on our project.

Now my first thought was does she mean a Silhouette 'Cameo', in which case it's irrelevant really as I don't have one, so that's not going to happen!

So I'm going with the traditional 'cameo' (which I think is what she means, although I haven't confirmed this with anyone!) and pleading complete ignorance on anything which may occur as a consequence.

Into my stash I dug, and out came the perfect papers I'd been hoarding since last year from We R Memory Keepers, together with......wait for it..........a Cameo!  Yes I'd purchased a Silhouette Cameo last year and completely forgot about it till now!

I wish.

Into my stash I dug, and out came a pack of cameo's I'd purchased from the cheapy bin at Michael's........not quite the same I know, but it works for today's purpose.

Here's my card:

I created an accordion flower to give that cameo (nope I'm not bitter!) center stage and the sentiment is fussy cut from another sheet of PP.

Maybe you too will find a cameo sitting in your stash just waiting for it's debut, in which case we would love to have you join in with our challenge this week.  Just link up your creation over on the blog and we'll be sure to stop by.

Whilst you're there, check out the beauteous creations from the rest of the girlfriends, which is just what I'm about to do now.

Enjoy the rest of your week.......I'm not quite sure if I'll be back here Friday as I'm trying to pack up my stash (plus a ton load of non-essentials!) ready for my scrappin' weekend away.....woohooo!

Good thing is, at least I should have plenty of projects to post when I get back........presuming I get some scrapping done that is!

Take care and I'll see you soon,

Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi there, something a little out of the ordinary today.

I'm doing a little 'blogsharing' for this post and I'll explain why.......my bestest scrapping girlfriend, Carola (Yes you know who you are!) has recently signed herself up for the 'Kit Club' over at Scrapmuch and delved into the world of online scrapping 'Challenges'.

Kudos to her for taking the bull by the horns and jumping in there.  Only problem is......she doesn't have a blog and therefore would have a little difficulty linking up to said challenges.  That's where I come in.........guess I have my uses sometimes!

Anyhow the layout she completed recently, using her first kit,  deserves a little recognition for the awesome job she did, as well as the opportunity to win a prize.  Sooooo being the dear, kind, considerate friend that I am, I agreed to post it here for the world to see (or at least the gals over at Scrapmuch!).

Here goes:

Not bad eh?  I have a feeling there may be more to come..........word of advice Girlfriend "Get yourself a Blog!" :)

My duty has been fulfilled.

Just one last thing......don't you think that stitched camera looks awesome?  Perfect I'd say.

Have a great day and I'll see you on Wednesday when I'll be digging into my Little Red Wagon.

Take care,
Challenges entered:

Scrapmuch - Kit Club Challenge.....Add Stitching

Thursday, April 11, 2013

2's Company

Hi there, back as promised for my final visit this week.

Yesterday was my turn to deliver a Sketch Challenge over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum, so here's my sketch for this week.

And of course, along with a sketch comes a sample so here's my layout.

Papers for this one are from Echo Park, along with a few of my favourite things........pennants and wood veneers........

.....tickets and more wood veneers.........

...........stitching and pins.........

..........and one of those cool Viewfinder thingies!

Yeah I know the last one isn't one of my regular faves, but it's pretty cool anyhow.

I hope you all have a great weekend......I'm off to Scrapfest so if you happen to be in the vicinity, be sure to stop by the Two Scrapbook Friends booth and say 'Hi'.

Take care and I'll be back next week,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Red Wagon #180 Lovely Lace

Good morning, it's Wednesday which means it's time to dig into your Little Red Wagon.

This weeks challenge has been issued by Tammy and she has chosen 'Lovely Lace'..........just about the right timing in order to get your stash of Wedding cards prepped and ready for the season I reckon.

I quite like lace and I use it fairly often but this time I resisted my usual urge to slap a little on there and use as a border/ribbon/trim kinda thing (which I would like to make clear there is absolutely nothing wrong with and I'll be reverting back to this usual method of operation as soon as this challenge is over!)

Today I thought I should put in a little extra effort and actually use the lace as more of a feature.......isn't that the point of the challenge I hear you say.........well, yes.......it just takes me a little while to catch on.

Anyhow, here's my card:

I didn't really have a plan where this card was headed in production, other than to use the two main elements, so basically, that's what's on the card.

The lacy edged eyelet/ribbon combo......similar to the bodice of a dress (a dress for extra special occasions that is, nothing like the little backless number I'm wearing right now!)......

and the gathered crepe paper flower which makes good use of a little more of the lace.......

And that's about it.......just need a wedding to go to.

If you feel like joining in with this weeks challenge feel free to link up your creation over on the blog, and don't forget to check out the creations from the rest of the girlfriends.

I'll be back again tomorrow believe it or not.....3 days in a row, as it's Sketch Challenge today over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum, and although I should be posting that today, that would mean two posts in one day..........far too much for this blogger!

Have a great day, see you tomorrow,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well Helloee!

Hows the week panning out so far?

I'm just chillin' on my countdown to Scrapfest this weekend, and then a hopefully fun filled scrappy retreat the week after.........ahhhhh tis the life!

Today though, time for a layout I created a few weeks ago and I love the colours on this one.  The term 'Indian Summer' springs to mind, but quite frankly anything remotely warm at this stage in our alleged 'Spring' will do!

Here's 'Shine'.

I used a 'sunburst' mask to help create the patterned paper strips, then decided they just had to be stitched.....yeah, kinda regretted that one half way through, but totally worth it in the end.

Jornalling strips are printed via Word, Baby Boston font I believe, and I luurrve those glittery alpha's (Making Memories).

I lucked out when I found the perfect colour of flowers sitting in my stash, together with more glittered goodies.

Papers are from Simple Stories and that's about all.

I'll be back again tomorrow as I believe it's Wednesday, which means it's time to roll out the Little Red Wagon.

Have a great day and I'll see you then,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

Well hello and a Happy Friday to ya!

I'm stopping by today just for the fun of it........no card/ layout creation for anything in particular.........just because.......I want to!

Can you feel the love flowing from this blog? :)

Today I have a scrapbook page, one I created a few weeks ago at a charity all day crop (much fun (and eating!) had by all).

It's using photo's which have been sitting in my stash waiting to be scrapped for the last year, and the layout is inspired by an older sketch from Pagemaps - really can't remember which month and I'm far too lazy right now to go back and check......sorry.......I'm here just for fun........remember?!

Here we go......Lights Camera Action!

Not much I need to say about this really.

The title is placed onto a chipboard star I covered with co-ordinating paper........

and the pleated paper up here adds a little dimension........

The papers are actually from an older MME Halloween collection, but I just liked the idea of the stars on there so why not?

I hope you have a great weekend with lots of crafting time.  I took a self imposed rest last night and didn't touch any scrapping stuff, as I've been a little busy crafting in my closet the last couple of weeks.  This morning though I woke up itching to get my hands inky so I don't think I'll be 'cold turkey' for too much longer!

Take care,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Red Wagon.....Be A Negative Nellie!

Good morning.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and the bunny was good to you!

He didn't actually leave me any chocolate treats which is good for my waistline, but not so good for the kiddo's........means I'll have to steal borrow some of their stash!

I haven't been around as much as I'd have liked, and it's not that I haven't been busily creating, I have - like a maniac actually as Scrapfest is literally next week, but of course can't post any of that yet.

It is Wednesday though which means Little Red Wagon day, and a card of course!

Jan's turn to deliver the challenge today and only she could come up with the title 'Be A Negative Nellie'!

Just to be clear, it means we are to use the negative space of a die cut, and although I do love this type of challenge (gets the old brain cells working you know), when you decide to make said card at, oooh lets say midnight last night (I finished at 1.10am this morning) it can get a little frustrating, and noisy when you've got your Slice running.........did I mention I scrap in my bedroom - good job hubby had fallen asleep on the couch!

Anyhow all said and done, I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

Here goes:

The sentiment (a freebie I picked up eons ago from a blog called Scrapdictive) and border were printed via Word.

I then 'popped' the whole front of the card to allow me some button sticking in there.

Again I wouldn't recommend having to glue dot a whole bunch of teeny tiny buttons at some silly hour in the night/morning.......not the most enjoyable thing to do!

Ah well, another card for the stock pile.

I hope you'll get a chance to play along with this weeks challenge, we'd love to see your creative talents put to the test.  Don't forget to check out the projects from the rest of the girlfriends........genius I tell ya!

Have a great day and hopefully I'll be back here a little more regularly as I'm happy to say I'm pretty much done with DT deadlines.

See you soon,

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