Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Little Red Wagon #255 - Shaped Cards

This week over at .........

.....the Girlfriends and I are all getting in shape!

Basically meaning Jan would like to see 'shaped' squares or rectangles allowed, and if I remember correctly she did stipulate to the DT that we couldn't use circles either!


So, call me a cheater but I knew my Silhouette would be doing the work for me on this one.  I headed over to the Silhouette store to peruse the hundreds of card designs (and I mean hundreds!) and an hour or so later finally decided on this........

I could have chosen loads really, but I knew my girls would get a kick out of this.

Funny thing I realized when taking the photograph - I scrap in my bedroom and must have subconsciously created this purse to compliment my decor......hence the beautifully co-ordinated props!

If you're feeling the urge to get into shape, why not get creating and link up over on the blog.  The Girlfriends have of course been busy conjuring a hearty amount of inspiration for you.

I'll see you Friday with........Oh I don't know but something I'm sure!

Have a good one,



Bwahahahahahahaha! Boo me all you want, Jayne, but just look at what I got you to create! Very fancy! And the fact that it matches your bedroom decor (albeit unconsciously) is way cool.


Oh, I love this! Great colors and so sweet!
Joanne xo

Tracy Penney

Love, love, love the purse. Oh and of course the colours are amazing.

Carolyn Wolff

Perfect for you!!! I so expected something like a sweet purse. Very nicely done.


A very sweet card purse!

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