Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Fun

Technically I'm a day late in posting this, but I'm sure no-one cares.......hopefully!

It was my turn to host yesterday's Crafty Challenge over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum, so here's the spiel I delivered there:

"Today I'd like you to move away from the comfort zone!

Go on.....you can do it........right out of there!

Think of what you usually create......then do the opposite.

Think of the tools or embellies you usually use......then reach for something different.

Think of your style, that comfortable, fabulous niche you've spent years trying to establish and perfect..........then throw it out the window, be brave and try something new!

OK maybe that is all a little OTT - sounds more like a movie trailer than a Crafty Challenge, but you get the general idea I'm sure.

For this challenge, you don't have to do everything completely opposite to what you would normally would.......I don't want to push you over the edge here, but choose at least one element (or maybe more if you're feeling brave enough!) and try another direction.

For example:

If you consider yourself primarily a 'Scrapbooker'........make a card.

If you usually create single layouts..........go for a double.

If you always use a plain cardstock background......get some pattern in there.

If you're generally one for the clean and simple modern look.........go for a layered, vintage feel.

If you hate a particular embellishment/technique and would never consider allowing it near one of your creations..........go wild with it.

I have a girlfriend who hates buttons and would never use them on a card or layout........personally I think anyone of this view is quite possible insane (not the friend in question of course!), however my point is we're not judging today so just try it...........what you hate another will love.  You may have fun and discover a new fave in the process.


I am definitely NOT a double layout kinda gal. I'm lucky if I create one per year, so that's what I did.........think I've satisfied my quota for this year!

Generally, I also rarely use a plain cardstock for backgrounds preferring more subtle patterns/textures.

So there are my opposites, and here's my sample:

Back to today's 'Live' feed.........

I realised when posting yesterday that I'd forgotten to add the journalling strips, right under the word 'FUN' and yep......still haven't gotten around to doing that!  You'll just have to use your imagination.

I got to work on this layout with the Sew Easy Circles tool from We R Memory Keepers.

If there's anyone out there like myself, who has the Sew Easy tool and heads but didn't really use them all that much, I suggest you go out and buy this thing.  It really does give it a whole new lease of life.

More over here, together with a few pennants.

I found some nicely matching flowers in my stash, and made a couple of flags from toothpicks and paper scraps.

Inspiration for this page was from a sketch by Susan Stringfellow over on Sketch Savvy.......you know there was no way I was attacking a double with no Sketch!

Papers are 'On The Sunny Side' from My Minds Eye.

That's it for today so I'll see you tomorrow for another delve into the Little Red Wagon.

Have a good day,



After seeing this, you have no more excuses for not doing two-page layouts. This is gorgeous! I called the button gal and we had a good laugh over your comments!!


Fabulous double layout Jayne! That stitch it tool rocks! I'm always wanting to try something out of my 'zone', like flowers - the thought of using them makes me itch...but I love the look of them when they're on there, kwim? Thanks for your never-ending inspiration!!!

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