Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little Red Wagon #181 - Use a Cameo

Welcome to the middle of our working week, which means it's that time again to dig into your wagon.

Regan issued our challenge this week, and she'd like us to use a cameo on our project.

Now my first thought was does she mean a Silhouette 'Cameo', in which case it's irrelevant really as I don't have one, so that's not going to happen!

So I'm going with the traditional 'cameo' (which I think is what she means, although I haven't confirmed this with anyone!) and pleading complete ignorance on anything which may occur as a consequence.

Into my stash I dug, and out came the perfect papers I'd been hoarding since last year from We R Memory Keepers, together with......wait for it..........a Cameo!  Yes I'd purchased a Silhouette Cameo last year and completely forgot about it till now!

I wish.

Into my stash I dug, and out came a pack of cameo's I'd purchased from the cheapy bin at Michael's........not quite the same I know, but it works for today's purpose.

Here's my card:

I created an accordion flower to give that cameo (nope I'm not bitter!) center stage and the sentiment is fussy cut from another sheet of PP.

Maybe you too will find a cameo sitting in your stash just waiting for it's debut, in which case we would love to have you join in with our challenge this week.  Just link up your creation over on the blog and we'll be sure to stop by.

Whilst you're there, check out the beauteous creations from the rest of the girlfriends, which is just what I'm about to do now.

Enjoy the rest of your week.......I'm not quite sure if I'll be back here Friday as I'm trying to pack up my stash (plus a ton load of non-essentials!) ready for my scrappin' weekend away.....woohooo!

Good thing is, at least I should have plenty of projects to post when I get back........presuming I get some scrapping done that is!

Take care and I'll see you soon,



Ha! I totally got me!! I reread that paragraph about forgetting you bought a Cameo a couple of times while thinking, "No way!!!" before I finally clued in. (Hey, I never claimed I was of the intelligent variety.)

Really though, Jayne, you should get a Cameo, you'd love it. There I give you permission to spend the $300.00. ;-)

Fabulous card! That accordion flower is perfect.

Carolyn Wolff

Jayne, you are too cute. Love your card. We sold that paper in our store and I didn't even know there was a Cameo on it. LOL!

Great job!


Jayne your card is so sweet.... and gorgeous. And I see you are haning too much with Jan lately!! LOL I am sure if you had purchased a Cameo you would not forget about it. So many things one can do with it. I love mine and wish I had time to use it more often.

And as for doing a log of projects at the retreat (I am assuming this is where you are going) forget it.... too much fun to be had, trust me. Wish I was going too. I sure LOVED every minute of it in the Fall.... sniff, sniff. Enjoy!


beautiful card love your colours..anything that has black I love..


This is a gorgeous colour combo. I am in love with your filigree black velvet and that cameo piece. GORGEOUS! Thanks for stopping by IE today, we appreciate you!




Hey--I used the same cameo from that cheap-o bin. It's all about what you DO with the cheap item . . . and you have made it look stunning backed with your accordion flower and all of that houndstooth!


A gorgeous cards Jayne, sets off that cameo perfectly!


Leave it to you to come up with something totally unique...great job Jayne!


haha poof a cameo...bwahahaha
love the card

Julia Aston

A wonderful design with the rosette and die cut!

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