Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi there, something a little out of the ordinary today.

I'm doing a little 'blogsharing' for this post and I'll explain bestest scrapping girlfriend, Carola (Yes you know who you are!) has recently signed herself up for the 'Kit Club' over at Scrapmuch and delved into the world of online scrapping 'Challenges'.

Kudos to her for taking the bull by the horns and jumping in there.  Only problem is......she doesn't have a blog and therefore would have a little difficulty linking up to said challenges.  That's where I come in.........guess I have my uses sometimes!

Anyhow the layout she completed recently, using her first kit,  deserves a little recognition for the awesome job she did, as well as the opportunity to win a prize.  Sooooo being the dear, kind, considerate friend that I am, I agreed to post it here for the world to see (or at least the gals over at Scrapmuch!).

Here goes:

Not bad eh?  I have a feeling there may be more to come..........word of advice Girlfriend "Get yourself a Blog!" :)

My duty has been fulfilled.

Just one last thing......don't you think that stitched camera looks awesome?  Perfect I'd say.

Have a great day and I'll see you on Wednesday when I'll be digging into my Little Red Wagon.

Take care,
Challenges entered:

Scrapmuch - Kit Club Challenge.....Add Stitching


Carola Blain

The stitching is really fantastic!! If I do say so myself....Thank you for posting this for me...Not a Jayne page but I'm learning.


Jayne, you are a dear sweet friend! Carola, this page is fantastic and I am so glad that you had Jayne share it with us, the stitched camera is amazing! Like Jayne said get yourself a blog, I would love to see lots and lots more of your style! Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?!


This is a fabulous page!! I am loving that stitched camera!!


That is one amazing layout!! AND I'm very impressed with that stitched camera, was the first thing I noticed! Well done Carola! And yes I agree, you do need to get yerself a blog, so get on it!!! :)
p.s. only a true friend would, very nice Jayne!


Great layout Carola! That stitched camera is amazing!! I love what you have done with this kit! I can't wait to see more of your creations! Thanks Jayne for posting this for Carola! You're a dear friend! Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?


Fabulous layout Carola!! Love love the stitched camera. Yes, girl you need a blog. I challenge you to have your blog up and running before the pool is finished. You can't swim in our new pool (yes I heard about you blackmailing my son for a ride home) until you get a blog!! LOL


Great job Carolla...all I can say is get yourself a blog...:) What a great friend you have in Jayne!


Jayne -- love that you blogshared for Carola :)

Carola ... this is such a fun layout! I love those photos and love that stitched camera ... I bet you used your super amazing piercing tool for this one!!! lol ... maybe even Jayne's floss? haha

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