Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little Red Wagon #194 Project Makeover!

Hello, how's it going?

It's time for another challenge today over at Little Red Wagon.

 This week Tammy would like us to 'makeover' a project we've made that we're not completely satisfied with.

I'm sure we've all had a few of those in the past, and to be quite honest I was dreading this challenge!

No........not because I have a perfect collection of crafty creations.....far from!  It's more the fact that I'm pretty anal or some might say picky, definitely a procrastinator and probably too much of a perfectionist when it comes to my projects.  Maybe I'm never completely satisfied with anything I create, or think I can always do something better, but it's a fact that scrapbook pages for sure never get admitted to 'The Album' until they've been scrutinized, picked over, fussed with etc. etc.

I have to remind myself to just enjoy the process a little more.......relax, chill out, but to be quite honest, I think this is the part I secretly enjoy and it works to motivate me and get me to  my happy, satisfied, finished page state!

Like I said.....anal!

Anyhow, on to today's project.  I did manage to find one.  This was a scrapbook page I completed a couple of weeks ago at an all day crop.  I thought it was finished until the other day, I started the process of transferring from my bag to 'The Album'.

It didn't make it!

Here's the page:

Definitely a little too.......what's the word......BLAH!

I blame it on the fact that it was the last creation of the 12 hour day (I hope!), as it sure needs a little more dimension on there.

I got to work last night folding a paper airplane, as you do!

Added a few more stickers here with foam dots for depth...........

And finally, more here, together with a few brads.......

At last........a finished project!

Not an astounding makeover I'm sure, but at least I'm satisfied that I won't be picking at it in the near future, and it's resting happily in 'The Album'!

Let's see what you can do with your own makeover.....I'm sure you'll find some unsuspecting project stashed somewhere, if you look hard enough.

Don't forget to link up over on the Little Red Wagon blog and check out the creations from the rest of the girlfriends whilst you're there.

Have a great day and I'll be back here soon,



The additional embellishments finished it off perfectly, great layout!


Jayne - this was a wonderful page to begin with, but now with your additions, it is awesome. Your daughter will be so pleased that you chose to remember her grade 4 year in such a marvelous manner. You are an inspiration to all us moms and grandmoms!!!


I love all the extra bits you added especially the paper plane. Definitely deserves a place of honour in The Album!


wow awesome re do

Dr. J

Great additions to really finish it off!


Love your added embellishments! Gorgeous page!!


Awesome makeover!


Fab re-do! It reminds me of one of those crafting magazine features that show a beginner, advanced and expert layout. Your additions rock--especially the paper airplane!! Love!

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