Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little more 'Peaceful'.

I'm guessing by now you know how much I like my 'Authentique', so after I posted this layout the other day, I couldn't bear to even throw out the scraps.

So I made a card.

Although, it didn't start as a began as a tag!

I also mentioned the other day the fun Online Christmas crop that's occurring this week over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum.  Joanne happens to be hosting a challenge to create a tag, so I finally found a little time to play along and off to work I set with my valuable little scraps to create a tag.

10 minutes in I decided it was far to elaborate for a tag, and I could never bring myself to stick it on a gift, only to be torn off and thrown into the garbage 30 seconds I mentioned previously, I'm a little attached to my 'Authentique!

 So, out came more cardstock and a card was born.

Here's the tag card (which I might bring myself to part with.......eventually!)


Definitely much prettier irl, honest.

This one has a few layers going on,

and although the sentiment looks silver in the photo, it is actually an embossed pearly white.

I always forget how cool crepe paper is till I remember to dig it out again.

That's it for today so thanks for stopping by.

I'll see you again in a couple of days,


Louise (Mamilou)

I turned out quite stunning! Love all the layers.


Wow, I just love what you have done with my favourite paper! It is definitely too elaborate for a tag...but a card is just perfect!Your embellishments and layout are, as Louise says...."stunning"!!!!

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