Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Blogger!

Well it's not turning out to be a happy Monday!

I was going to post something at least half interesting on here but if you scroll down you'll see that ALL of my pics have disappeared....been replaced with that highly interesting grey 'no entry' sign..........aaaaaaaargh!  Gotta love Blogger and Google when they get up to their tricks.

Anyhow the upshot is I have no idea how, why, when etc and neither does anyone else by the sound of things.

Just have to sit tight, twiddle thumbs, scratch head and wait with baited anticipation for what I might eventually get to post........maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday (I hope)!

Have a great day,


Louise (Mamilou)

Technology is great.... when it works and cooperates that is!

Will look again tomorrow to see your awesome work Jayne! Must be Hurricane Sandy playing havoc with all!


Oh well, you can just pack for the weekend!!! I'll check again tomorrow to get some inspiration for the weekend!!


Aww. That sucks Jayne.. but I will be back and check out all your scrappy goodness again soon. Good luck!

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